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Oh my actual goodness, I don’t know what I ever did before I discovered boxes like this. Like I said above, I am obsessed with the lengthy options you’re given to purchase the box. The products are good quality, worth good value for what you’re paying, and are catered to your exact needs for items that many women find essential during their time of the month.

Reanna @ LiveLaugh.Blog

The presentation is great. Everything is packaged beautifully and arrives exactly as it should. The quality is awesome - all wonderful products from respected companies. And curation, well if this isn't the most pampering and comforting mix of product we aren't sure what is! We love this box! 

Asheli @ ashelithemonolith

This is the perfect time of the month box for me. It has all the things I need/want during my period. The tea is a must-have for those “bad” days, and the mask, bath bomb and socks are special little treats that will make you feel pampered. The socks were the perfect touch!! Broad Box gets a big ol’ A+ from this girl!

Sarah @AYearofBoxes

I like how you can create your own box, selecting all the bits and pieces that you prefer, plus a few extra goodies... bath bomb, comfy socks, tea and a face masque! Love it! All the items to make you feel comfy and happy during that unhappy time of the month!

Kelsey @ SubscriptionBoxGirl

I like that BroadBox has a range of boxes to choose from and that you can add-on many products to your order. It's a convenient service that makes shopping easy and with the monthly subscriptions you can sit back and wait for these things to come to you.

Lisa @ GirlMeetsBox