About Us – Broad Box

About Us

We started as three women, close in age, who sat together in the same small office for 40 hours a week. We were working jobs in the real estate industry, but spent most of our time daydreaming of pursuing something more fun and fulfilling. Then one day, a male colleague of ours came and told us about his monthly razor subscription and how it was the greatest thing he had ever joined. He asked if us women had something as cool and convenient, and it was this discussion that led us to create Broad Box, a new subscription box geared towards making feminine products more easily accessible to women. It is for the everyday woman who could benefit from having products delivered, whether it be for the convenience of not having to go to the store, or for the relief from any embarrassment she may feel when buying certain products.

We began working on it any chance we got, creating everything from the artwork, the design, to the boxes ourselves. We researched vigorously and thoroughly to generate a diverse range of products that we felt would benefit women of all ages, in all different stages of life. Broad Box is a lifestyle subscription box offering FOUR customizable boxes to help women with feminine care (BroadBox), sexual wellness (BlushBox), body health (BodyBox), and motherhood (BabyBox). We offer name brand products women regularly buy out of necessity, at even lower or comparative prices than stores, and add in bonus surprise goodies every month to help brighten these ordinary and mundane items.

At Broad Box, we strive to provide the very best in feminine care, constantly searching for new ways we can improve. We work to help accommodate women everywhere, and be the most exciting and convenient way to receive feminine essentials!